Probe initiated into the death of two babies in Lucknow shelter home

Lucknow:The Uttar Pradesh government has ordered a probe into the death of two babies born to two 17-year-old inmates of the government girls’ shelter home in September.

According to additional district magistrate Saurabh Singh, the two babies had died within a month of their birth and had spent the entirety of their time in hospitals.

As per the protocol, an investigation into the reason behind their untimely death is going to be carried out, wherein the doctors who treated the children, the mothers of the babies who are now housed in the shelter home in Para, as well as the shelter home authorities will have to present their statements and related documents.

The aforementioned have been given a time period of 15 days.

Safalta Singh, the superintendent of the shelter home, informed that according to the diagnosis of the doctors at Lokbandhu Hospital and KGMU (King George Medical University), the children were born with weak organs.

“In the case of one of the babies, the doctors had detected a hole in her heart, and her ears were not properly formed. This child had several health issues at the time of birth. The other child was born with lung dysfunction. After their delivery at Lokbandhu, we were instructed to take the children to KGMU to pursue their treatment,” she said.

The babies subsequently died within three days of each other in late September.

The ADM was entrusted with the responsibility of this investigation and had asked for anyone with information on the health conditions of the children or any other information relating to the circumstances of their death to come forward and share it.


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