5 turncoats in Team Nadda that the BJP is betting big on

Sep 26, 2020 New Delhi:  There have been a number of turncoats who've found a place... Read More


Muslim education in India: Need for private and public sector investment

By Frank F Islam

Sep 26, 2020 Washington: Eminent columnist Swaminathan A. Aiyar called upon Wakf boards and wealthy Muslims... Read More


”Not only minorities, Hindus too need secularism for a modern India”

By Naz Asghar

Sep 25, 2020 New Delhi: Eminent intellectual and political theorist Prof Rajeev Bhargav on Friday said... Read More


Alarming rise in Covid cases in South Indian states unnerves administration

By GS Radhakrishna

Sep 25, 2020 Bangalore:In the last two weeks, there is an alarming spike of the pandemic... Read More

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