Vice President’s message on Hindi Diwas contrats with Amit Shah’s

Sep 14, 2020
New Delhi:  Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday appealed to countrymen for more and more use of Hindi to contribute to the promotion of the national language.

In a video message released on the occasion of ‘Hindi Diwas’, he said that it was only due to Hindi that the perennial river of Indian civilisation, culture, and values had been kept alive.

However, the tone of Vice President Venkaiha Naidu’s message on the occasion was in sharp contrast to that of Shah.

“While encouraging Hindi, we should also encourage use of mother tongues. This is the need of the hour. No language is superior,” Naidu remarked. He also urged everybody to encourage children to learn Indian languages, be it Tamil, Assamese, Telugu or any other.

The Vice-President also urged residents of North India to encourage their children to learn a South Indian language to create an “atmosphere of harmony”. He said he was mindful of the “apprehensions by some of the “friends”, referring to a few MPs.

However in contrast, the Union Home Minister who is now re-admitted to AIIMS, emphasised the use of Hindi in official work rather than translation of documents.

All Indians should take a pledge to work for a “self-reliant” India through the use of Hindi while keeping other vernacular languages on the same pedestal, Shah added. IANS