Prashant Bhushan fined Rs 1 for contempt of court

Aug 31, 2020

New Delhi: Eminent human rights lawyer Prashant Bhushan was on Monday sentenced to pay Rs 1 as fine or imprisonment for three months and a bar on practice for three years for contempt of court over his two tweets relating to judiciary.

The sentence was pronounced by a bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra. He observed that the statements given by judges to press are irrelevant for the consideration of the sentence, as judges are not supposed to go to the press, Livelaw reported.

Bhushan was further deprecated by the court for publicizing his statements in media before they were considered by the bench.

“In this matter also, we not only gave an opportunity for him to apologize but also, directly and indirectly, persuaded the contemnor to express regret. This was not heeded to by the contemnor and he gave wide publicity to his statements and gave media interviews, which further brought down the dignity of the Court”, the bench observed.

Earlier on Aug 25, the court had reserved orders on the sentence in the contempt case over two  of tweetsof Bhushan, after he refused to apologize.
—India News Stream