CWC demands withdrawal of Kashmir curbs, CAA, NPR’s stoppage

Jan 11, 2020
New Delhi:The Congress Working Committee (CWC) here on Saturday passed a resolution and four statements on economy, Kashmir, students agitation and Iran-US conflict, and demanded withdrawal of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and immediate stalling of the National Population Register (NPR) process.

The CWC said the Narandra Modi government had unleashed the brute state power to suppress, subjugate and stifle the voice of youth and students across the country.

“A concerted attack on the Constitution, rampant unemployment, commercialisation of education, unprecedented fee hikes and autocratic refusal to listen to the voice and concerns of youth-student have led to spontaneous protests across campuses,” it said.

Instead of listening to students, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government had unleashed the police on them, made arrests, lodged FIRs, and even planned attacks on protesting students and youth, the CWC resolution said.

Delhi University, JNU, Jamia Millia Islamia, Banaras Hindu University, Allahabad University, AMU, and many others had seen massive protests, it said.

The resolution said, the “Modi government is systematically attacking the culture of creative thinking and learning, of questioning the hierarchy and of inculcating the culture of assimilation and cohabitation. The BJP government realises that students and the youth can’t be divided through its sectarian agenda.”

It expressed solidarity with youth and students in their fight for defending the Constitution, standing for independent and creative learning and aspiring for employment-linked education at a minimal expense.

“The CWC resolves that every worker of the Congress will work alongside India’s youth and students in this endeavour,” the Congress said.

It also demanded that curbs in Kashmir should be lifted and civil liberties restored. It also wants government to put in place contingency plans for Indians in view of Iran-US hostilities.

The statement noted that the shutdown in the Kashmir Valley has entered sixth month and that the citizens continue to face avoidable hardships. “People are denied their fundamental rights. This is not acceptable in a democracy,” it said.

“Former Chief Ministers and leaders of mainstream parties remain in detention while government makes hollow claims of normalcy and arranges guided tours of diplomats. It is deplorable since our own political parties and Members of Parliament are denied the freedom to visit the Valley and meet the people,” said the statement.

The CWC also issued a statement on the economy and Iran-US conflict.

“The economic situation in the country is alarming. Mounting job losses, closure of factories, sharp fall in production, consumer demand and consumption and collapse of investments are a matter of serious concern. The government should reveal its roadmap for reviving the economy, investors’ confidence and job creation”.

It said since unemployment has reached a 45-year high, new jobs are not being created and the existing ones have been destroyed, triggering a feeling of despair among the youth.

The party expressed its concern over the Iran-US conflict and the outbreak of hostilities between the two countries, which it said, could escalate into a wider conflict with severe consequences for the region and the world.

“It is imperative that India puts in place well thought out contingency plans to meet any situation and also engage in diplomatic initiatives for de-escalation of tensions. Peace and stability in the region is of critical importance to us. We see neither appreciation of the dangers by the government nor willingness to engage and make a difference,” said the statement. IANS