Why becoming a vegan isn’t as hard as it seems!

By Karan Puri

Sep 4, 2020

New Delhi: These days, there is a lot of talk about vegan-ism. For some, it is one of the best choices they have ever made for their health and some find themselves stranded on the crossroads, unsure of what it represents.

Who is a vegan?
Just to refresh your memory, a vegan is a someone who in addition to being a vegetarian, abstains from consuming all animal products which include milk, butter, ghee, cottage cheese, etc.

In the beginning, it sounds like a daunting task but isn’t that true for everything new? Rather than thinking what you’ll gain for your health and lifestyle, your mind focuses on the things that you will be deprived of.

But there are many reasons how this lifestyle choice has the capacity to transform how you think, feel and how you are at the end of the day. Also, here are ways that will make this transition easier for you:

1: Ample Replacements Galore!
Nowadays, most of the well endowed grocery stores out there have a wide selection of vegan products.

For eg., there is almond milk or soy milk to replace your regular milk. All you need to do is familiarise yourself with the various options; so you can find the ones that go with your palette.

Other products such as vegetarian butter, mayonnaise, cheese and more can be readily ordered online as well.

2: Yummy Vegan Meals
Against common belief, there is a wide array of vegan recipes which will absolutely take you by surprise. Keep an eye out for what suits your current taste, try different combinations and strike a balance.

Just like you have your comfort food set right now. Experimenting and trying new dishes will only add to your favourite dishes list.

3: Eating-out Options
So if you are one of those people who feels; “What will I eat when we go out to a restaurant?”. Don’t worry; almost every cafe and restaurant out there has upped their game. In fact, there are exclusive vegan cafes in the market now due to the increasing demands.

4: A Wholesome Diet
Instead of thinking about all the things you cannot eat; focus on what you can eat. This is one of the best ways to create a more balanced diet for yourself. Whole grains, beans, seeds, tofu and healthy elements of a similar ilk can make your diet very nutritious and rich. As they say, “you are what you eat!”.

It is safe to say that this switch will help you lead a much healthier lifestyle.

5: Inspire and Be Inspired
I hate to break it to you that this is not an overnight switch; but whenever you feel undone, remember why you turned vegan in the first place.

This will always give you some perspective. And just like adapting to any new habit, it is difficult only in the beginning; after which it becomes a regular part of your system. And who knows while you constantly strive to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself, you might end up inspiring the people around you.

Is becoming a vegan as tough as it sounds? Nothing good is easy after all.

—India News Stream