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UAE and other Arab countries launch regional space coordination group

March 19, 2019

Abu Dhabi: The UAE on Monday launched a regional space coordination group which includes 11 key Arab countries such the UAE as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Oman and Jordan.

According to a news report in Khaleej Times, the partnership will involve transfer of knowledge between the Arab countries,besides helping in training any potential astronauts that will be launched by a country.

The UAE will build a satellite to tackle climate change. It will be built by mainly Emiratis, however, engineers and scientists from other Arab countries will be contributing under the terms of the new group that has been formed.

The gulf nation UAE has already been working closely with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in exchanging knowledge and helping the two countries develop their space programmers.

The announcement was made at the first day of the Global Space Congress in Abu Dhabi.

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