Taller towers planned for less windy states to produce wind energy

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Ambassador of Brazil Andre Aranha Correa do Lago, Ambassador of Norway Nils Rangnar Kamsvag, Danish envoy Peter Taksoe-Jensen and Chair, CII Renewable Energy Council Sumant Sinha at the CII Wind Energy Conclave in New Delhi on Wednesday.

Aug 8, 2019

New Delhi: Less windy states of the country can soon become hub of wind energy generation as the Government is coming with a new wind potential map which would assess power generation capacities from taller towers, and then g0 ahead with istallation of plants in these states.

Announcing the new plan, Bhanu Pratap Yadav, joint secretary in the ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE), said here on Wednesday that the height of towers would be raised to 120 Mt from the existing maximum height of 100 mts, which would make it possible to install wind energy plants in states other than Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu which etc which have strong wind zones.

Addressing the CII’s wind power conclave here, Mr Yadav said the new road map would come out in public domain shortly.

The Joint Secretary said that his Ministry was working hard to give a supportive environment to the wind energy sector, underlining that it was not a regulatory department but a development department.

He asked CII to identify areas where industrial electricity tariffs were very high so that such industies may have the option of sourcing power from offshore wind plants.

The Ministry had started programming for lare offshore projects but there were some issues with Finanace an Defence Ministries, he said.

The Ministries of Finance and Defence have raised some issues relating to offshore wind projects. Offshore wind tariffs are very high because of installation of large wind power turbines in open seas and the requirement to build the transmission infrastructure to on-shore substations.

Yadav cited new regions like Lakshadweerp, Andman& Nicobar and northeast as very ”interesting” regions for the development of the wind energy.

”We are trying to make Lakshdweep as another Gujarat,” he said.

At present about 35000 MW capacity wind power plants are installed in India which stands on fourth position in the world after China, Germany and the US in winde energy conversion/utilisation.

In its national action plan for climate change, India has set itself the target of having 175 GW of energy through renewable sources by 2022.

The wind energy sector is in need of advanced technology now as the easy zones have been saturated and the sector has to go to difficult zones where velocity is not very high–hence the need of new technology to double wind capacity.

The inaugural session of the CII conclave was also addressed by the Ambassador of Brazil Andre Aranha Correa do Lago, Ambassador of Norway Nils Rangnar Kamsvag, Danish envoy Peter Taksoe-Jensen and Chair CII Renewable Energy Council Sumant Sinha among others.

—India News Stream