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Taiwan protest to India against change in its name by Air India

July 5, 2018
New Delhi: Taiwan today said it was disappointed by Indian flag carrier Air India’s move to refer to self-ruled Taiwan as Chinese Taipei, terming the step as a result of pressure from China.
However, India justified the move saying that the change in name was as per international norms and consistent with its position on Tiwan since 1949.
Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre in India(TECC) issued a statement here, calling on Air India to ” stand up against the unreasonable demand from the government of the people’s Republic of China,” according to IANS.
It said the Air India move in changing its name on its website ” can be seen as a gesture of succumbing to unreasonable and absurd pressure from China.”
”The TECC has lodged a formal note concerning the change to India’s Ministry of External Affairs, and is currently waiting for MEA’s response,” the statement said.
The airline is the latest to effect the change in the name of the self-governed island.
MEA Spokesperson Ravish Kumar, while replying to a question at his weekly media briefing, said,” It is difficult to say why Air India changes the name now, but is consistent with international norms and our position on Taiwan since 1949.”