Sudarshan TV has targeted not only Muslims, but credibility of all top Govt institutions, country: IMPAR

Aug 28, 2020

New Delhi: IMPAR, an influential Muslim think tank, on Friday condemned the hate campign of Sudarshan TV against Jamia and Muslims, saying its highly objectionavle content targeted not only the minority community but the credibility of the top institutions of the Government.

IMPAR urged the Government and various authorities such as UP Police, News Broadcasters Association and the Ministry of I&B to take appropriate actions against such media houses for their ”divisive agenda and sinister designs” to promote hate and dissensions in the society and tarnish the image of highly credible institutions such as UPSC and nationally ranked mumber one central university, Jamia Milia, but also the country as such

The pan-India group of prominent Muslims urged the youth to stay focussed and work hard for the success in life, adding that vested interests will continue to promote their negative agenda, but they should not fall in their traps. IMPAR executive director Khalid Ansari maintained that the youth should have full confidence in the institutions and the society, and not bother about such fringe elements who succeed when they deviate.

Sudarshan Channel and its chief Mr. Chavanke were  attempting to divide the citizens in the name of religion and promoting bigotry in the name of journalism, IMPAR executive director Khalid Ansari said, adding, ” What kind of image of our country and our sacred institutions are we promoting internationally?”

”Indians first and should not be judged by religion. It is against the very soul of our constitution and our social fabric. IMPAR appeals to the youth not to be disheartened or discouraged, and have full confidence in their hard work and sincerity. Such attempts must not divert you from your goal, rather be more focussed and have more patience, perseverance and diligence.”

Youths must be focused in cracking competitive exams,  build up your efforts over time until they align together to accomplish their desired goal. ”And when you’d touch the skies and taste success, everything will fall in place. You’d look back and consider all such hurdles to be minuscule. IMPAR stands with the youth and encourages them to make a name for themselves,” the group of prominent Muslims said.