No economic reason for Bangladeshis to migrate to India; NRC internal matter: Envoy

By Gautam Lahri

Nov 29, 2019

New Delhi: Describing National Register of Citizens (NRC) issue as an internal matter of India and a political issue for its political parties, outgoing Bangladesh High Commissioner, Syed Muazzem Ali has disputed the fact that the influx of Bangladeshis to India was taking place.

”India was no longer a favourite destination of Bangladeshis, as the per capita income of Bangladesh is higher than that of India, so there is no reason to migrate to North-east of India..,” he said.

The envoy also said that there is no significant rise in number of Bangladeshi nationals who come with visa overstaying in India, and to tackle with such cases there was a well built diplomatic mechanism.

“ The problem will cease to exist if the two nation comes together and tackle the challenges of sharing common resources,” the High Commissioner said.

About the NRC, he said that India had conveyed to Bangladesh that it was internal matter. ”Until and unless they raise it with us it cannot become a bilateral issue,” he argued.

“But we are quite conscious of what is happening and we should move forward,” Ali said in a recent interaction with journalists at the Press Club of India.

Describing the signing of the land boundary agreement between India and Bangladesh as a major achievement that took place during his tenure, he said that out of 50,000 people, 35000 opted to remain with Bangladesh, while only 14000 preferred to come to India.

The High Commissioner said that connectivity was keys to building relations between the two countries. He named direct train service between Kolkata and Dhaka and steamer service.

He said that once the Akhoura-Agartala train service becomes operational the entire exports of the North-east will be able to reach Chittagong port in two hours.

He further added that the Bangladesh Consulate in Agartala has been upgraded, while it has another one in Guwahati. The next target is to set up another consulate in Chennai.

The politics of influx is for the political parties and a domestic issue. He remarked that India is no longer a favourite destination of Bangladeshis, replying to a question whether India has ever taken up the issue of illegal migration at the diplomatic level.

–India News Stream