Pak an unnatural state; Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun people will be free: Zafar Sahito

Chennai:  Zafar Sahito, the founder and Chief Organiser of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement, who is in exile in the United States, has been engaged in a relentless fight for the cause of a free Sindhudesh.

He has been globally active and regularly interacts with think tanks, intellectuals, media, and other foreign leaders from the United States highlighting the sufferings faced by the people of the Sindh region of Pakistan.

During an online interview with IANS, Zafar Sahito said that the people of Sindh, Baloch and Pashtun will be liberated soon from the clutches of Punjab-controlled Pakistan.

Q: What is the present situation of Sindh region of Pakistan

A: Occupied Sindh since creation of unnatural theocratic state of Punjab-dominated Pakistan has suffered a lot already because of the exploitation of resources of Sindh and now presently as Pakistan is going through an economic and political crisis the Sindhi nation is facing severe poverty & suppression also after recent engineered floods in Sindh have devastated people.

The people of Sindh are forced to live under open skies without food & medicine while the federal government and military establishment is taking millions of dollars from the world in name of flood relief.

Q: How’s your movement Jeay Sindh freedom movement doing?

A: In the last few years and decades, Pakistan & Pakistani intelligence agencies have been carrying out operations against our political struggle for the right to self-determination, our 57 key leaders of Jeay Sindh are killed by Pakistani intelligence agencies. Many are facing fake cases and are in jail.

But our spirits are high, the more Punjab-dominated Pakistan & its military establishment is increasing atrocities, the more we are marching towards our goal of liberation of Sindhudesh & we will never give up the path of our beloved father of ideology of Sindhudesh Sain G.M. Syed.

Q: Is Pakistan a failed state?

A: Morally, economically and politically Punjab-dominated Pakistan has become a failed state, because of corrupt political practices, & elite class especially military generals are exposed internationally.

The unnatural theocratic state of Pakistan based on the false identity of Islamism has become a joke because of its creation of Islamist terrorist networks, sponsoring terrorism worldwide & blocking-mailing nature.

Q: There are reports of several enforced disappearances in Pakistan. Is this happening in the Sindh region also?

A: Hundreds of thousands of political activists are enforced disappeared by Pakistani intelligence agencies ISI, MI from occupied province’s Balochistan, KPK and Sindh. Many of them are political prisoners living inhumane lives in Pakistani jails. There are 250 ‘enforced disappeared’ (missing persons) from Sindh now. Some of them were abducted in 2000, they are still missing persons.

Recently, we received the news of 500 unidentified bodies found in Punjab province from a hospital, those bodies were of enforced disappeared people.

Q: You are in exile in the US and do you feel any threat to your life in the US as well?

A: We have witnessed in recent years that Pakistani intelligence agencies with the support of the China government and Iranian Islamist radical groups have become so powerful that they have already assassined few exiled political leaders & media persons in western countries, so it is obvious I am feeling great danger here in the USA too.

I am all the time receiving open threats on social media & through their different channels. In 2019, we were attacked by a Pakistani mob in New York during a protest at the UN headquarters.

Q: Is Pakistan’s intelligence agency playing a major role in the administrative affairs of that country?

A: Pakistan since its creation was under the control of military establishment & Islamist groups, they are real owners of black & white because there was never a democracy in Pakistan. The same practice is still continuing today, recently there was an independent research about Pakistan in which it was shown that 57 per cent of Pakistani businesses are owned by military personnel from food production to real estate and transport.

Q: There have been umpteen corruption charges against Pakistan political leaders, the army and intelligence. What do you feel is the reason for such massive corruption in Pakistan?

A: The 10 per cent elite class controls Pakistan, consisting of corrupt politicians families, judiciary, bureaucrats & military generals during their reign they are trying to benefit from the power that is the reason we can see after retirement they are buying islands & chain of companies abroad.

Q: How are minorities treated in Pakistan?

A: Punjab-dominated Pakistan is controlled by military establishment and Islamist groups (Wahabi) faction, if anyone is not following them they are targeted even the Muslims, so we can easily understand from that perspective how followers of other faiths are treated in Islamic Pakistan.

If we look at recent figures of atrocities against Hindus, Sikhs, Ahmedis, Shias & Christians, they are living horrible lives & every year thousands are leaving Islamist Pakistan.

Q: The FATF sanctions against Pakistan is lifted now. Do you feel that this will increase terror activities in that country?

A: I think because of China’s influence Pakistan got away from FATF, this is bad news for not only us but for India & western countries also because in Pakistan money laundering is reached high levels again & fake dollar trading & smuggling has reached their high point, Islamist radical groups are more active in the region & controlling businesses in the region.

Q: Is there a possibility of a Sindushtan coming up?

A: Pakistan is an unnatural state I am sure it will meet its fate of disintegration and people from Sindh, Baloch and Pashtun chained in the slavery of Punjab-dominated Pakistan will be liberated soon, it will be helpful for the world too because Pakistan-sponsored terrorism will come to an end.IANS

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