Delhi H C women lawyers write to CJI for action against apps derogatory to Muslim women

New Delhi: Taking strong note of the surfacing of another app derogatory to Muslim women, Delhi High Court Women Lawyers Forum has sent a letter petition to the Chief Justice of India N V Ramanna demandding a time-bound investigation in the case to bring the culprits to book.

The forum consisting of about 150 women lawyers practicing at the Delhi High Court and the Trial Courts slammed the authorities for acting too little or too late against the crime.

Through‘Bulli Bai app which surfaced on the web, the culprits have trolled and subjected Muslim women to surveillance and illegally used their photographs to put them up for auction as maids, they said.

” We believe that the “Bulli Deals”,App happened because no one was punished for Sulli Deals which appeared last year. Although FIRs had been previously registered in the matter of Sulli Deals, no one was arrested and the investigation has been a non-starter in the same’, ‘ the letter said.

The Delhi women lawyers said that the lack of action on the Sulli Deals case emboldened the culprits to use pictures of free
thinking women who are considered independent with dissenting voices .

”Included in the list is the spouse of a sitting Judge of a High Court ( exemplifying the sense of impunity that the culprits have that they are above the law ) .This amounts to a grave attack on the independence of the judiciary and may have a chilling effect on the ability of other Muslims to take up the position of being judges of the High Court and other courts,” they said.

They appealed to the top court to ”monitor the criminal investigation being conducted by Mumbai Police and ensure that the investigation is carried out into the Sulli Deals and Bulli Bai App incidences including investigation into the sources of funding and / or handlers of the persons who set up Sulli Bai & Bulli Bai App, money trail that financed the said App identifying the master minds behind the surveillance of Muslim women illegally auctioned vide the App.”

”We have been watching with grave concern the growing threats of violence and humiliation targeted towards the minority
community, especially because there appears to be a deafening silence from the Central and State Governments to unambiguously deprecate the same and / or tardy to little too late action by the law enforcement machinery,” the Forum said in its letter.

The signitories to the letter are: 1 Miriam Fozia Rahman, 2 Zeba Khair, 3 Harshita Singhal, 4 Jhum Jhum Sarkar, 5 Malavika 6 Rajkotia, 7 Swaty S. Malik, Ritu Bhal 8. Sumita Kapi 9. Anjali Sharm 10. Sunita Dut 11. Naomi Chandr 12. Deeksha Dwived13. Manali Singha 14. Shweta Kapoo 15. Prabhsahay Kau 16. Iram Maji 17. Radhika Ro 18. Anu Narul 19. Kajal Chandra 20 Nandita Rao 21.Padmapriy 22.Rohini Vij 23. Amrita Sharm 24. Anusuya Sadhu Sinh 25. Haripriya Padmanabhan

Gayatri Virman 27. Ruchi Sing 28. Renu Gupt 29. Mallika Agarwa 30. Nikita Agarwa 31. Sangeeta Bhart 32. Kirti Singh

Anubha Rastog 34. Suruchi Sur 35. Pooja Saiga 36. Arundhati Katj 37. Sonam Mathu 38. Swathi Sukuma 39. Bani Dikshit

Geeta Luthr 41. Ragini Vinai 42. Saumya Tando 43. Radhika Kollur 44. Medha Srivastav 45. Konica Gupt 46. Pooja Dod 47. Mani Gupt 48. Warisha Farasa 49. Aishwarya Nab 50. Meghna Sankhl 51. Kiran kalr 52. Anita Abraha 53.Beena Panday

Suruchi Jaiswa 55. Shahrukh Ala 56. Srilina Ro 57. Priya Kuma 58. Aakanksha Nehr 59. Neha 60. Smriti Sinha

Tarannum Cheema 62. Sanjoli Mehrotr 63. Shreya Singha 64. Sonia Mada 65. Vrinda Bhanda 66. Sonal Sarda

Shivani Luthra Lohiy 68. Abha Thapalyal Gandh 69. Mahjabeen Shami 70. Shaheen Parvi 71. Mrinalini Sen Gupt 72. Sadaf Rehma 73. Mona Toma 74. Hina Tanvi 75 Maimoona Fatim 76. Zobia Rehman Kha 77. Aafreen.

—-India News Stream

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