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‘Leaders only talk war, don’t send kin to fight one’: Gandhian

March 20, 2019

Bhopal:  Unhappy with political parties preaching war as the only way to teach Pakistan a lesson, S.N. Subbarao, a Gandhian, on Wednesday said parties that
favour war must field candidates whose sons are serving in the armed forces.

“Terrorism has become a major challenge for many countries and India’s action after the Pulwama terror attack was appropriate. But war must not be seen as the only way to teach Pakistan a lesson,” Subbarao told IANS.

“Who dies in the battlefield? The soldier. And his family is left struggling. Politicians only talk of war. They don’t send their sons to fight on the border.

“They talk of government schools but send their children to study abroad. They talk of public hospitals, but go abroad for treatment. These are double standards,” the veteran leader said.

Emphasising importance of neighbours, Subbarao said, “You can change friends but not your neighbours. That’s why even if it is difficult, it’s important to be friends with your neighbours.”