Translucia unveils first-ever ‘Multiverse Convergence’ solution to make Web3 accessible to all

New Delhi: Translucia Metaverse (Translucia), a joint venture between MQDC and T&B Media Global on Thursday launched a first-of-its-kind ‘Multiverse Convergence’ solution through its proprietary LightLink Protocol (LightLink).

LightLink is the world’s first enterprise Layer-2 (L2) Blockchain built to accelerate the entry of traditional businesses into Web3, said the company.

By offering a low cost and easily accessible final to enter multiple third-party metaverses, LightLink enables businesses to move into Web3 at scale.

Through LightLink, metaverses built and owned by different players will be able to connect with each other as well as integrate functionalities, said Translucia.

This opens up new avenues for trade, commerce, and collaboration between metaverse owners, furthering opportunities for innovation across the space.

“Translucia is the ‘Metaverse Accelerator’ that the world needs as we move towards a new Internet era. The present metaverse remains both abstract and fragmented; inaccessible to most legacy businesses let alone the average user,” said Athid Nanthawaroon, Executive Director, Translucia Company Limited.

Translucia will integrate various Web3 ecosystems into a single ‘Multiverse’ that helps metaverse players unify their technologies, workflow, and user experience within one standardized platform.

“This collaborative intra-industry approach will not only accelerate humanity’s transition into hybrid reality but create a more accessible and inclusive Web3 for everyone,” Athid added.

Translucia is aiming to build a comprehensive ecosystem with metaverse elements to create a virtual world worth $3 billion.

The company is present in India in partnership with Sunovatech India, a specialist immersive and Extended Reality Company. Under the partnership, Sunovatech is acting as a production hub for building 3D Assets, Environments and modules of the metaverse.

“Through our ‘Metaverse Built for Good,’ we aim to balance the social, economic and environmental needs of the world. Once fully realised, the Translucia Metaverse will be an engine that drives goodness and wellness into a holistic form of prosperity and happiness,” said Dr Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO and Founder of T&B Media Global and Founder of Translucia.

The technological advancements of Web3 are an opportunity to bridge the digital divide and address inequality.

“We have laid the groundwork for a scalable metaverse platform and we invite Web3 architects and traditional businesses to join us in co-creating an interconnected metaverse ecosystem that spans across partners and networks,” Dr Jwanwat added.

As the world’s first enterprise L2 blockchain, LightLink’s enterprise mode removes the complexity and necessity of acquiring the L1 blockchain’s native token on top of reducing the onboarding fees required for businesses to leverage Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

LightLink guarantees a pre-ordained throughput across its ecosystem to ensure stability in gas fees and consistency in performance, said the company.

The LightLink Protocol is anchored on Ethereum, leveraging its security features while ensuring predictability and stability in gas fees.

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