In a rare case, Bangladesh issues demarche to India on ban of onion export

By Gautam lahiri

Sep 16, 2020

New Delhi: Upset with the ban on onion export, the Bangladesh Government today issued ‘demarche’ to India.

Sources in Bangladesh Foreign Ministry have confirmed that they have issued ‘kutnoitik potro'( Bengali version of demarche), requesting India to reconsider the ban immediately as it ‘violates’ agreement between two commerce ministries in concluded in January last.

Its a rare occassion that Bangladesh has issued diplomatic letter to India with whom they described the relatioship as rooted in the blood of the liberation struggle.

It is clear that they have given the letter to the Indian High Commission in Dhaka but whether the Foreign ministry has ‘invited ‘ any Indian diplomat for clarification has not been confirmed so far.

In the letter they have sought to reminded the Indian Government of the special relationship and friendship between the two countries, which should make India recondsider its decision.. Bangladesh is worried about the sudden change of export policy without consulting the ‘freind’.

The letter also mentioned that the commerce secretaries of two countries met in January last and an understanding was reached about not taking any decision on trade unilaterally. Prime Minister Hasina also raised the issue when she came to attend a conference of World Economic forum.

The moment the decision of ban of onion export was known, prices of the commodity shot up to Rs 100 per kg in Bangladesh. Trucks loaded with 25 thousand Mt of onions which had been given permission for export are stranded on the West Bengal border . Today, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) reached out to the Commerce Ministry to solve the problem for Bangladesh only. But no decision has been taken so far.

According to sources, the MEA sought to reminded the Commerce ministry the ban may cause Pakistan to come forward as the country is also exporter of onions. But till date Bangladesh was importing onions from India only. .

Yesterday, Bangladesh Highcommissioner in Delhi Mohammad Imran had reached out to MEA.