ICFA signs up with Amazon AWS Educate to drive innovations in Agriculture

Aug 28, 2020

New Delhi: The Indian Chamber of Food and Agriculture (ICFA), an apex think tank, trade facilitation body, and resource center for the food and agricultural sector in India, has signed up to adopt the AWS Educate global program to build deep technology cloud computing skills with students in the agricultural engineering and sciences domain.

AWS Educate is Amazon’s initiative to provide students comprehensive resources for building skills in the cloud. Working with the AWS Educate program, ICFA has developed a framework that infuses cloud computing technologies in agricultural engineering and sciences curriculum, with an aim to provide students the knowledge of advanced technologies, and enable them to deliver continued and systematic innovation in the field of agriculture.

The new curriculum designed by ICFA and the AWS Educate program integrates emerging technological concepts with the fundamentals of agriculture, and will be offered to students as certificate courses through leading universities in India offering agricultural engineering and sciences programs.

The new certificate courses will provide students an understanding of cloud computing, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), voice technology, and robotics, and equip them to apply their learning in the field. Students will gain from practical learning experiences through case studies that give them a better understanding of challenges in agriculture, and how technology-led approaches can enable agricultural practices that are more profitable, efficient, and environment friendly. All students who enroll for the certificate courses will join the AWS Educate program, and receive AWS Promotional Credits to gain real-world, hands-on experience using AWS Cloud technology.

“About 15 percent of India’s GDP is dependent on agriculture. Smart agriculture using cloud technology will play a significant role in transforming farming practices, enabling farmers to adopt modern methods for more informed decisions to achieve superior agricultural outcomes,” said Dr. MJ Khan, Chairman , ICFA. “By adopting AWS Educate, we are taking a proactive approach in developing students with advanced cloud computing skills to build highly scalable and innovative farming solutions that will help drive India’s economic growth.”

“Technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT) are accelerating innovation in the field of agriculture, and contributing to higher crop productivity, a safer and more productive food supply chain, and better preservation of natural resources, thereby enabling better outcomes for farmers,” said Rahul Sharma, President, India and South Asia Public Sector, Amazon Internet Services Private Limited. “We are excited to align with ICFA’s vision to help students of agriculture develop cloud technology skills through AWS Educate, and contribute to the development of one of India’s most important sectors.”

ICFA will introduce the new certificate courses on the applications of cloud computing, ML, AI, robotics and remote sensing for the academic year 2020-21, through the leading universities in India that offer programs in agricultural engineering and sciences. The program will be offered initially to 10 universities and later rolled out to all major universities, who are partners in National Higher Education Project of ICAR.

ICFA’s objective has been to address the challenges witnessed by Indian Agriculture due to rapidly changing global trade, technology and policy environment. The chamber through its various engagements and development agenda is proactively responding to those challenges by entering into national and global partnerships, engaging stakeholders at different levels thus, and creating opportunities for growth, value addition and trade to help improve the income of farmers.