Hyundai launch India’s first electric SUV ‘KONA Electric’ at Rs 25.3 Lakh

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July 10, 2019

New Delhi:Hyundai Motor have launched India’s First Fully Electric SUV- KONA Electric, named
after the idyllic west-coast region of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Kona, which is the first long range green SUV that can carry you 452 Kms/Charge, is priced at Rs 25. 3 to  rs 25.5 lakh.

The SUV’s on-board charger is capable of a 7.2 kW rate of charge for rapid recharging
characteristics. KONA Electric estimated range is a segment-leading 452 kms/charge (ARAI Certified), meeting the varying needs of owner lifestyles.

An 80% charge can be achieved in 57 minutes with DC quick charger (zero to 80 % charge @ 50 kW), using the CCS Type II charging port, while a 7.2 kW Level-II charger takes 6 hours and 10 minutes. For charging convenience, the charging port is located in the front grille area for head-in parking ease whenever charging is needed.

The new electric SUV’s powertrain employs a 136 ps permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor powered by a high-voltage 39.2 kWh advanced lithium-ion polymer battery.

Consequently, the motor is able to develop a 40.27 kgm of torque distributed to the front wheels giving an acceleration of 0 to 100 km per hour in just 9.7 seconds.

In addition to this, the battery system features ‘liquid-cooling technology’, while the battery pack has high energy density.

According to the company, customers will be provided with two chargers including a portable charger and an AC wall box charger.

“The Portable charger can be plugged into any normal ‘3 Pin 15 Amp socket’… This charger can top up daily running of 50 kms in less than three hours,” the company said.

KONA Electric offers differentiated driving modes (Eco+, Eco, Comfort and Sport) optimize torque
distribution, tailoring KONA Electric to a variety of driving preferences and purposes. In Sport mode, there is a greater emphasis on acceleration, while Eco+ and Eco modes progressively prioritize range over performance with more conservative power-delivery and deliver maximum Electric Range by brake regeneration.

Commenting at the launch of Hyundai KONA Electric on Tuesday, Mr. S.S. Kim, MD and CEO, Hyundai Motor India Limited said “India is ushering into a new era with Clean and Connected Mobility. We are committed to Government’s vision of ‘Shared’, ‘Connected’ and ‘Clean’ Mobility. Hyundai is leading the future mobility solutions globally and will bring in the most relevant technology in the clean mobility space in the Indian market.”

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