Explosion of Muslim population in India is a myth, says former CEC SY Quraishi

By Naz Asghar,

Aug 30, 2020

New Delhi: The explosion of Muslim population in India is a myth, carefully constructed to create fear that followers of this faith would outnumber the majority community, former chief election commissioner of India Dr SY Quraishi said here .

”This myth is the root of all hate propaganda,” said Quraishi talking to India News Stream on his coming book ‘Myths and Realities of Family Planning in Muslims.

The former CEC said that some very senior leaders were talking about ”ham paanch, hamare paanch,” in regard to Muslims, which was nonsense as he had never seen any Muslim with four wives and five children, not even two wives and ten children.

”I don’t know where these gentlemen have seen ”ham paanch, hamare paanch,” which is all rubbish, ” he said.

Even statistically, the country has 940 women per thousad men, so even if Muslims want to have four wives at a time, there are no women available, which is what the data shows that there is not even one women available per man, so where can these second and fourth wives come from, Quraishi wondered.

Referring to one study of the Government of India done in1975, and which was the only study so far, he said it was found that all communities of the country were polygamus, and Muslims were least polygamus, and that is also the data that has come out of successive censuses.

”So, although Muslims are not polygamus they are ready to fight for it, and those who are polygamus are attacking Muslims for being polygamus. What an irony,” he said.

In last 60 years till 2011, there has been only four per cent increase in Muslim population and a corresponding four per cent decrease and if this rate continues, it would take at least 600 years for Muslims to become 51 per cent of the country’s population, Quraishi said, adding that he has dealt with all these issues with full data in his coming book.

So in the book, I would try to say what the demographic truth is, he added.

In fact, a mathematical model has been created by a very senior scientist in Delhi, according to which Muslims can never over take , so this a myth which is an absolute rubbhish, he said.

—India News Stream