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Ashish Nandy chosen for Kohler foundation’s Hans-Kilian-Prize

March 15, 2019
New Delhi: Renowned psychologist, psychoanalyst and sociologist Ashis Nandy has been chosen for the Hans-Kilian-Prize for 2019.

The Hans-Kilian-Prize adds to many awards received by Professor Nandy, including the Fukuoka Prize in 2007, the Centre for Develping Societies(CSDS) said here. He has served the CSDS, one of the leading think-tank of the global south, as director
and is currently its Honorary Fellow.

Ashis Nandy has addressed two diametrically opposite, and oscillating domains of social existence—human potentialities and human destructiveness . Some of his books are At the Edge of Psychology, Alternative Sciences, The Intimate Enemy, The Illegitimacy of Nationalism, Creating a Nationality, The Tao of Cricket, The Savage Freud and Other Essays on Possible and Retrievable Selves, An Ambiguous Journey to the City, The Romance of the State, Time Treks, andTime Warps. Among his edited books are The Secret Politics of Our Desires, The Future of Knowledge and Culture: A Twenty-First Century Dictionary (with Vinay Lal), and Science, Hegemony and Violence.

Kohler foundation in a release said that by awarding Ashis Nandy, it was honouring the internationally renowned psychologist, psychoanalyst, sociologist and co-founder of postcolonial studies, for lifetime achievement which bridges diverse fields of social, cultural and cientific research creatively and interdisciplinarily.

”Particular attention is paid to Ashis Nandy’s efforts to adapt genuinely Western traditions of thought, such as psychoanalysis, to a non-Western context in such a way that fruitful analyses of a non-Western society and its colonial as well as postcolonial experiences become possible. In addition, the Köhler Foundation acknowledges the work of Ashis Nandy as a public and sometimes contentious intellectual who is heard all over the world and who is able to stimulate sustainable political debates with his scientific work and criticism — in the spirit of Hans Kilian, after whom the prize is named,” the Foundation said.

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